Tuesday, January 22nd 2002

Introductory and welcome remarks by:
· Hervé de Kergrohen, Chairman, Biodata
· Carlo Lamprecht, Minister of Economic Affairs, State of Geneva

Key Note:
“Proteomics, Disease, Drug Efficacy : where will we be in 5 years from now?”

Roundtable Discussion 1:
“Predictive medicine: timing, issues and opportunities - a review of financial, ethical, and scientific issues”

Company Presentations
Group 1: Genomics/Proteomics
Group 2: Drug development
Group 3: Vaccines

Key Note:
“The emergence of artificial intelligence: what will it mean for the life sciences industry in the next few years?”

Key Note:
“Pathogen inactivation in biological products: where do we stand?”

Roundtable Discussion 2:
“Convergence of Biotechnology and Informatics: speeding up drug discovery”

Company Presentations:
Group 4: Bioinformatics
Group 5: Drug Development
Group 6: Genomics/Proteomics

Compaq Satellite Meetin

“Future directions in life Sciences from Compaq”

Wednesday, January 23rd 2002

Key Note:
“Biotech and pharmaceutical collaboration: elements for success”

Roundtable Discussion 3:
“The biotech companies that you need to follow in 2002 and beyond”

Company Presentations
Group 7: BioPharmaceuticals
Group 8: Pre-IPO companies
Group 9: Drug Development

Key Note:
"Progress in prion research: can we be reassured?"

Company Presentations
Group 10: Med Tech
Group 11: Drug Development
Group 12: Drug Development

Roundtable Discussion 4

"Can Switzerland’s attractiveness for the biotechnology industry be a model for other countries?"

Special Closing Event:
The "individual of the year for Switzerland" awarded by L'Agefi